This is the first game among the many.
Rescue Pepe from hordes of zombie waifus!
Sometimes a little zombie killing and waifu slaying are all you need, but a dash of naughty flavor to spice things up certainly can’t hurt. In Pepe vs Waifu, Waifus have invaded the city, turning the cute residents into flesh-eating waifu zombies. It’s time to stop the madness! Rescue those girls, have them join your ranks as you take down the source of evil in a rain of bullets, and look good doing it!
Featuring 2 playable characters, all customizable to your liking, Pepe vs Waifu offers a hedonistic action experience that prizes freeform fun above all else. Navigate wide open stages on foot, utilize a variety of weapons to take down your foes, survive by grabbing power-ups and make sure no Pepe gets left behind!